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Stakeholder Analysis

Results: Stakeholder Analysis The Stakeholder Feedback is aggregated by functional area / organization and also by location for the three questions asked:  high-quality results, responsiveness, and timeliness. Stakeholder Concentration displays the number of stakeholders that provided feedback by functional area / organization and also by location for a good sense of who the people in […]

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Silo Locator

Results: Silo Locator This table, at a glance, provides an overview of the level of collaboration within and across boundaries (i.e. function, location, role, tenure, gender, etc.), taking group size into account. We never expect all groups to be connected heavily; but want to look at connections at key intersections where value is created. The

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Network Metrics

Results: Network Summary & Metrics First Section (depicted based on selections in the Filter): Each of these sections contains recommendations  on “why this matters” and “what to do about it.” Second Section: These scores may be downloaded via the download icon to the right of the metrics or via the export_base_answers file. The metrics in

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Network Diagram

Results: Network Diagram Agility is dependent upon the ability to manage five key points in any given network. This tool allows you to visualize these dimensions to ensure the group is operating for peak performance. The network diagram provides insight into the state of key network drivers, important to high-performing groups. The concepts are highlighted

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