Agility Accelerator Help Guide

Results: Collaborative Practices

Based on the extensive research done within the Connected Commons, we’ve learned that agility at the point of execution is created through group-level networks nurtured through specific practices. We’ve learned that these eight practices are critical to the success of a high-performing team. We know that it isn’t just the sum of skills on a team that make it effective or innovative—it is the network that forms within and outside of the team and the nature of the interactions that create a climate of trust, purpose, and energy critical to collaborative work.


  • This graph depicts the percent of respondents who agree that each collaborative practice is a strength. Since this question is asked on a Likert scale of 1 to 7 (strongly disagree to strongly agree), the default considers responses of:  strongly agree, agree and somewhat agree. If you’d like to adjust the responses considered, go to “Return to Assessment Administration” and click on “Practice and Archetype Ratings” to make a change. Be sure to click on “Update” once the selection is changed.
    • Note that in the export file, a response of “-1” indicates a “Not Applicable” response.
  • Use the filter to the left of the graph to drill down into key areas such as function, role, tenure, career satisfaction, etc.
  • Hover over the short description just below each bar on the graph to view the full question.
  • Beneath the graph and filter, the “Review Recommendations” section contains the greatest strength and greatest opportunity for the group as a whole, as well as for the attribute that is selected in the filter. Click “Toggle” to see “why does this matter” and “what the group can do”.
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