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Results: Collaborative Practices

Based on the extensive research done within the Connected Commons, we’ve learned that agility at the point of execution is created through group-level networks nurtured through specific practices. We’ve learned that these eight practices are critical to the success of a high-performing team. We know that it isn’t just the sum of skills on a team that make it effective or innovative—it is the network that forms within and outside of the team and the nature of the interactions that create a climate of trust, purpose, and energy critical to collaborative work.


  • This graph depicts the average of all responses for the group assessment. Use the filter beneath the graph to drill down into key areas such as role, tenure, career satisfaction, number of teams, etc.
  • Hover over the nodes on the graph to view the full question, the average response and the standard deviation.
  • Beneath the graph and filter, the “Review Recommendations” section contains the greatest strength and greatest opportunity. Click “Toggle” to see “why does this matter” and “what the group can do”.

We are soon adding the ability to hide filters where there are three or fewer respondents.

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