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This table, at a glance, provides an overview of the level of collaboration within and across boundaries (i.e. function, location, role, tenure, gender, etc.). We never expect all groups to be connected heavily; but want to look at connections at key intersections where value is created.

The rows show people seeking other people within their group or in other groups, whereas the columns show the people being sought by group. A score above “0” indicates that collaboration at that intersection is higher than expected based on group size and overall connections in the group. Whereas a score of “-1.00” indicates that there are zero ties, on the positive side, collaboration may be many multiples of expected and therefore may go above a “1.00”.

For example, if one group had almost all relationships within group and almost none to all the other groups, they could have a 7 or 8 because their relationships are so concentrated in their own group (all depends on group size and number of people in the other groups).

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