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Results: Influencer Analysis

This chart allows you to look at the metrics from two networks in the form of a scatterplot or from three networks in the form of a bubble chart. You may also select an attribute, which colors the nodes, to allow you to see how different groups of people cluster in different parts of the graph.

A powerful way of looking at the networks is to plot them as follows:

  • X-Axis: Information – Incoming Ties
  • Y-Axis: Greater Access – Incoming Ties
  • Bubble Size: Energizing or Not – Incoming Ties

This allows you to examine the degree to which different people are sought (incoming ties on the x-axis), the number of people who seek each person and desire more access (incoming access ties on the y-axis), and how energizing each person is (incoming energy ties as bubble size).

In general, the people in the upper right quadrant may be collaboratively overloaded and if their energy score is low, starting to burn out. The people in the lower right are able to manage their load and respond to others, and those in the far lower left may need to be better integrated into the group.


  • Click on a node or bubble to see the name of the person represented
  • Click on “Update” for a new set of legend colors
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