Connected Commons Spring Summit 2019: Talent Ecosystems and Collaborative Innovation

Join us on May 8 & 9 for our Spring Summit at the Broad Institute as we explore one of the leading biomedical research centers and learn about an emerging talent ecosystem that in many ways reflects the network centric nature of talent and innovation of the future.

Connected Commons Spring Summit 2019 Cambridge, MA

Connected Commons Fall Summit 2018: Creating the Agile Organization

The Fall Summit, hosted by Workday, convened over 100 organizations to explore the perspectives of five renowned thought leaders on organizational agility. On day two, members applied these concepts in a design-thinking workshop to co-create new network-based solutions.

You Could Be Too Much of a Team Player

The Wall Street Journal interviews Connected Commons Chief Research Scientist Rob Cross to discuss how to be a team player without burning out.

Execute Work Efficiently: Design a Network That Builds Agility, Cultivates Influence and Drives Results

In this webinar, Rob Cross reveals research findings delineating specific behaviors of people who transition more effectively: They initiate relationships critical to success, engage others in ways that create pull into networks and continually refine networks for long-term success.

IRC4HR Webinar: Execute Work Efficiently with Ross Cross

How to Make Sure Agile Teams Can
Work Together

Increasing volatility, uncertainty, growing complexity, and ambiguous information has created a business environment in which agile collaboration is more critical than ever. Connected Commons collaborators describe what it takes to nimbly form and disband teams to effectively tackle issues quickly.

Case Study: Building Networks for Growth and Agility

Learn how a healthcare leader applied organizational network analysis to determine how to better serve their client base, share expertise to solve problems, and develop innovative new products.

Case Study: Building Networks for Growth and Agility

Are Freelancers Your Best Performers?

John Boudreau and Connected Commons Chief Research Scientist Rob Cross share how Organizational Network Analysis can have a radical impact on the success of your gig workers.

Collaboration Without Burnout

Too many meetings, emails and team projects? The collaborative intensity of work can easily become overwhelming and lead to burnout. Our research shows that through specific steps for strategic self-management, you can claw back 18-24% of your collaborative time.


The Best Way to Network
in a New Job

Connected Commons leaders describe how new hires should build their networks to launch their careers. Research on 40,000 people shows that the most effective strategy is not broad outreach or relying on a mentor to make introductions but instead a more selective, less superficial initial approach, followed by diversification beyond the two-year mark.

Professor Rob Cross

Chief Research Scientist, Connected Commons
Edward A. Madden Professor of Global Business, Babson College

Welcome to the Connected Commons!

We believe that in an interdependent world, networks are the organizing principle of our social and work lives. Please explore our research and resources to learn how our work over 25 years and across more than 300 organizations is advancing the performance and well-being of individuals, organizations and society as a whole.

Purpose & Focus



Today's strategies and structures are being fundamentally challenged by the collaborative intensity of today's work. The Connected Commons is leading the way with pioneering research focused on practical strategies and structures to enable organizations and people to thrive in a connected economy.


Capability Building

Enabling leaders, professionals and human capital practitioners to thrive in a connected economy, the Connected Commons applies ongoing research to help organizations build capability through learning and performance courses and tools in three application areas: Talent Optimization, Innovation & Agility and Personal Leadership.

Applications Areas


Talent Optimization

Enabling talent in a Connected Economy requires organizations and individuals to add Social Capital strategies to the heritage Human Capital strategies.

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Innovation & Agility

The post-industrial organization uses purpose-built networks to move innovation from ideation to execution and retain the agility required to respond to today’s speed of business.

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Personal Leadership

The collaborative intensity of work is challenging leaders at every level. We are helping describe and grow the new leadership practices required of the Agile Organization.

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Consistent with the purpose-built networks that are transforming the nature of business, the Connected Commons is an intentional network dedicated to developing the research, relationships and resources that enable individuals and organizations to thrive in the Connected Economy.

Learn more about your organization joining this important movement.

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