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Results: Network Summary & Metrics

First Section (depicted based on selections in the Filter):

  • Most Connected:  People with the highest number of incoming ties (most sought out by others).
  • Least Connected:  People with the lowest number of incoming ties. These people may need help to form stronger relationships with the group or may be in a niche role, such as with an external focus, and so should work in a more independent fashion.
  • Integrators:  People who hold direct relationships across an attribute or boundary (such as tenure, function, location, etc.). In order to view integrators, you must first select an attribute from the “Filters” tab. More weight is given to reciprocal and incoming ties than outgoing ties.

Each of these sections contains recommendations  on “why this matters” and “what to do about it.”

Second Section:

  • Primary and Secondary Metrics:   These metrics can be applied to the full group, or any sub-group selected in the filter. The primary metric may be drawn independently, or combined with a secondary metric. For example, we know that Influencers and Connectors (primary metric) have a disproportionate affect on the network, and when combined with a high energizing score (secondary metric), they become great transformation agents. The four metrics included in this section are:
    • Influencers — people who have the highest score when considering their direct connections as well as the connections of their direct connections. This is calculated using a directed Eigenvector centrality score (known as Beta Centrality in UCINet).
    • Connectors — people who have the highest number of incoming connections.
    • Energizers — people with the highest percent of others saying that their interactions are energizing. Note that since this score is based on a percent, and not a raw number, the 25% least connected people are omitted, for a greater energizing impact.
    • Brokers — people who sit on the shortest path to all others in the network. This is calculated using betweenness score.
  • Select % to Be Highlighted:  You may view the 3%/5%/10%/20/50% people who most demonstrate these characteristics.
  • Color Nodes By:
    • “Attribute,” in which case the nodes maintain the color as selected in the filter, and those who meet the criteria are encircled by a black or red border.
    • “Metric” for a clear view of the top influencers / connectors / energizers / brokers compared to all others. This paints all nodes in just a few colors to clearly show the disproportionate affect of a few key people.

These scores may be downloaded via the download icon to the right of the metrics or via the export_base_answers file. The metrics in the base file are normalized to 1 to make comparative analysis easier.

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