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Survey Management (after launch) - Managing Your Assessment

Once the survey is set up, you have the ability to “Manage” the assessment.

  • Remind and Reset: Although you’ve established a date for Reminders to be sent, there may be times when you need to send an additional “Reminder”. Or there may be times when a respondent has partially completed their survey and would like to “Reset” back to the beginning. In either case, if you click on “Manage Participants” you will see both of these options next to the name of each participant.
  • Reminder Email: When reminders are sent, the exact same subject line and email message is sent with the exception that the subject line is prefaced with "Reminder:"
  • End Assessment: If you have achieved your target response rate, you may decide to close your assessment prior to the established deadline. Once you click “End Assessment”, your results will be available to you.
  • Changing End Date Prior to reaching the end date of the assessment, you may change the date by clicking the edit icon to the upper right of the end date.

Assessment Management

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