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Survey Set-up: External Feedback Survey Invitation Message

Similar to the participant’s invitation, the subject and the email message to the stakeholders are also customizable. When customizing these for external feedback, consider:

  • Invitation Subject” should be customized so it is recognizable.
  • In the “Invitation Message” be sure to (examples below):
    • Clearly define the group being assessed. Explain that this group is interested in excellence and their feedback will help achieve this.
    • State that this feedback survey only has 3 questions and will take about one minute of their time.
    • The stakeholder’s first name will be piped into the top of the invitation unless you remove this. We recommend leaving this in.
    • The survey expire / close date is piped into the invitation in the beginning of the second paragraph. We recommend bolding this date.
    • Include a point-of-contact with email address for questions using a name that they will recognize.
    • When respondents receive the invitation, they will see a button, “Begin Assessment” at the bottom of their email. This contains a unique and confidential link that takes them directly to the survey—this link should not be forwarded to anyone else.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use special characters such as accent marks as they will prevent the invitations from being sent. For similar reasons, we recommend avoiding cutting and pasting from MS Word.
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