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Survey Set-up: Demographics

  • Each question on this page is identified as customizable, required, or optional. Please modify each question as appropriate for your particular network analysis objectives, keeping in mind that the responses will dictate the results that can be tabulated and displayed.
  • Ensure that these responses are thorough and complete.
    • It is critical that the response sets are complete. If you are not 100% certain that the response set is complete, then add a response of “Other”.
    • To add responses, just type them in and then click the “+” button. Once added, you may drag and drop them to place them in your preferred order―the responses will be appear in the same order that you establish. (Your responses will create a drop-down list for respondents to select from.)
  • Required questions are important questions that the Connected Commons has found, over 20 years of research and experience, to be important to providing insightful results.
  • Optional questions may be included or excluded from the survey. Consider that the questions on this page will enable you to view the results in different ways.
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