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Survey Set-up: Establish Group Name, Set Dates, Import Data (optional)

  • The “Client” field should show your organization’s name.
  • In the “Team/Group Name” is very important as this should clearly identify the group being assessed. It is important that there is no confusion about the group as this name will be piped into the survey questions in several places.
  • The “Internal Notes” field is optional and can be left blank.
  • Set the “Launch Date” to the date you would like the survey invitations sent. If you select today’s date, then the invitations will be sent immediately upon launching the survey. If you select a date in the future then it will be sent at 11:30pm EST on the selected date.
  • Set the “Reminder Date”, typically at the mid-point between launch and expiration. This triggers the tool to automatically send the reminder, which will go out to non-respondents. The reminder email is the same as the survey invitation, but the subject line is prefaced by “Reminder:”.
  • Set the “Expiration/End Date” to the date the assessment should end. If you decide to close the assessment ahead of time, or extend it further after launch, those options are available to you.
  • If you would like to import attribute data for each participant, then you will need to "Upload Questions" to identify the respective fields and responses. Be sure to click on the informational icon to learn more, and follow the required format shown in "download template".
  • If you choose not to import attribute data, then click "Next" to continue (no need to choose a file).
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