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Survey Set-up: Network Questions

Over the course of conducting organizational network analysis projects for more than 20 years, we have learned which questions produce results that matter. The questions included in this platform are ones that inevitably yield interesting insights.

Network Questions

  • Work network: The first question in this section is foundational and therefore required as it forms the basis for the network diagram and network metrics. This Work network identifies who you turn to for information important to your work effectiveness. Once participants select the names of the people who comprise their Work network, these names are then carried forward to the following network questions.
    • Option to Identify Additional Names: This optional question is intended to capture the names and emails of people who were not identified on the namelist, and preloaded in the Work network question. If you are not certain that you’ve identified everyone in the group, or you’d like to identify other people outside the group who are important to the group’s objectives, then include this question. The names of these people will not be added to the network analysis, but are captured separately.
  • Access network: We recommend that you include the second network question regarding access. This question, combined with the Work network, helps to pinpoint who may be collaboratively overloaded: people who are highly sought out, but who others need more access to in order to get their work done.
  • Openness & Energy network: We recommend including the third network question which asks about who is a source of open, energizing interactions. People who exhibit these behaviors are much more likely to build followership and to be a high-performer.
  • Relational Benefits (or Process) network: This network question is customizable, and can provide either a better understanding of the benefits relayed via the network, or can be modified to identify the networks which comprise processes. Multiple responses can be selected for this question.

Adjustable Help Text

This customizable pop-up message will appear just prior to the very first network question (the Work network) to set context for respondents just before they begin thinking about people in their network.

You may modify this text, however, make changes directly to this text; do not cut and paste or you will lose the formatting.

The next set of questions will ask you to think about people in your professional network. These people may provide you with information or expertise, help you problem-solve, or give other types of support such as career advice. We are interested in better understanding these types of connections.

As you think about your colleagues, please consider the people who are most important to your ability to achieve your work goals. Be sure to consider people who are (where applicable):

  • Within and outside your immediate group
  • Within and outside your location
  • Important to you, whether you interact with them frequently or infrequently.
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