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Getting Started: Key Steps to Prepare for Launch

Important Technical Considerations

  • IMPORTANT! Work with your IT group to whitelist the survey invitation email address and base URL for the survey. This will prevent the survey invitations from being blocked by a firewall or classified as spam. The email used will be “Connected Commons<>” and the base URL will be
  • The Accelerator currently works with the following browsers: Microsoft Edge, Opera, Chrome, Safari and in addition, the participant portion of the assessment works on Internet Explorer v11.

Content Considerations for Survey Set-up:

Note: Each step is described further when arriving at the respective step in the survey set-up. The test run will allow you to see how each affects the respondent experience.

  1. Be prepared with your list of participants (in MS Excel) to include: first name, last name, and email address. Note that no participants can be added once the survey is launched, so ensure that this list is 100% complete and accurate.
  2. You have the option of either importing participant attribute data into the platform, or asking the participants to respond to the attribute questions. A combination of both may be used as well, in cases where some, but not all participant data is known. An example file is provided at the respective step in the survey set-up process.
  3. Identify a very clear Group/Team Name. This name will be piped into several questions to ensure that respondents are focused on the group at hand and not the organization at large.
  4. Many attribute questions may be customized for your organization (i.e. team/function/dept/business unit, location/office/region, role/level/position, etc.). Be sure to word these in a way that makes sense to respondents.
  5. Determine which optional questions to include or exclude, with attention to how exclusion will affect the results provided.
  6. Create a survey invitation message and determine suitable subject line. Include the sponsor's name, and a contact point for questions.
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