Importance of High Response Rate

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Getting Started: Importance of High Response Rate

  • To reliably map the networks, an 80% or higher response rate is desired.
  • Be ready with a reminder strategy. We recommend these steps:
    • Sponsor sends out a heads-up email just prior to survey launch.
    •  Administrator selects a reminder date during survey set-up, typically at the mid-point. This triggers the tool to automatically send the reminder. The reminder email is the same email as the Client Administrator customizes, but the subject line is prefaced by “Reminder:”.
    • Monitor response rates, and if not at or above 80%, consider sending out personal, small group reminders to those who have not completed it, noting the importance of their input shortly before the survey close date.
    • If needed, additional reminders can be sent out from the tool at any time.
    • The end date of the assessment may also be changed by clicking the button next to the “End Date” in the Dashboard (seen after survey is launched).
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