Card Decks & Activities

Based on the research we have created a number of activities that can be leveraged independently or as part of a bigger workshop or program.


Personal Networks of Successful Leaders Card Decks

Applied in a group workshop or individual coaching, these cards are designed to help users see the subtle ways personal networks and relationships impact innovation, execution and your sense of thriving and well-being. Based on extensive research and interviews content in these cards are appropriate for any level professional who are focused on how to:

  • Produce Innovative Solutions: Tap a broad network and create energy in interactions to solve problems, see opportunities and implement new ideas.
  • Execute Work Efficiently: Initiate connections to create influence without authority and adapt networks to implement, scale and drive results.
  • Thrive At Work: Reduce collaborative overload and invest in networks proactively to boost well-being, resilience and career satisfaction.

This card activity is part of a larger piece of research and has an accompanying assessment and resource center with videos and personal accountability tools.


Leading Performance, Innovation & Engagement through Networks Card Decks

Thriving at work has much more to do with interactions with others than the type of work, or things going well or having enough time. People’s performance, creativity and even physical health are all dramatically impacted by the quality of the relationships in their network. People who have the following experiences stay longer in their organization.

  • Build Trust: Inspiring trust in your abilities and intentions forms a foundation for people to experience Purpose and Energy in their interactions with you.
  • Cultivate Purpose: Building purpose by sculpting meaningful work and high-quality collaborations promotes creativity and greater effort.
  • Generate Energy: Energizing people in their work fuels performance and engagement.

This card activity is part of a larger piece of research and has an accompanying personal and team assessment.


How Successful Leaders Manage Collaborative Overload Card Decks

Our 2016 Harvard Business Review cover story revealed and explained the important issue of collaborative overload. The good news is that some people do this well and typically just doing five to six things differently enable them to claw back 18% to 24% of their collaborative time.

These card deck contains 25 personal practices that have been identified during 20 years of quantitative research and describes:

  • Impose Structure: Orient to North Star Objectives and Adapt Role & Interdependencies.
  • Challenge Beliefs: Assess Identity & Reputation Influences and Manage Anxiety & Need For Control.
  • Alter Behaviors: Ensure Channel Efficiency and Create Efficient Interaction Norms.

This card activity is part of a larger piece of research and has an accompanying personal and team assessment and research articles.


Initiate, Engage and Refine Networks for Successful Role Transitions

Twenty years of assessing networks and individual performance in more than 300 organizations has shown that initiating and engaging personal networks in targeted ways is critical to successful role transition. Whether entering a new organization, taking on a lateral transfer or accepting a promotion, people who invest in certain network strategies enjoy more successful role transitions. Counterintuitively, a big network is not the distinguishing factor, rather people who are successful:

  • Initiate: Jumpstart productivity and inclusion through connections that yield influence without authority, address skill gaps and magnify capability.
  • Engage: Connect in ways that energize others, build rapid trust and create pull into important projects and streams of work.
  • Refine: Re-calibrate networks and collaborative practices for long-term performance and well-being/engagement in work.

This card activity is one of many resources available to help people make transitions, whether starting as a new hire, making a lateral move, or accepting a promotion.

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