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Greg Pryor

Vice President, Leadership & Organization Effectiveness, Workday

"We are betting on and seeing the benefit of applying the power of social capital to fuel General Motors innovation and business strategy. I use the Connected Commons community as my network to challenge and grow my capability in this critical domain."

Michael Arena, Ph.D.
Chief Talent Officer, General Motors

"At the Gates Foundation, our work is fundamentally fueled by the power of networks helping us to solve the world’s most challenging dilemmas. Working with the Connected Commons community helps my team and me build the tools that empower our mission."

Chris Ernst, Ph.D.
Global Head of People and Organizational Potential, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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Membership Benefits

As a Connected Commons member, you and your company have a rich portfolio of research reports, cases and best practice guides at your fingertips.  In addition, you also have access to a range of courses, assessments and tools that you can employ to help your organization drive results through networks. Your membership includes:

Courses / Webinars
Online Assessments & Diagnostics
Research Resources
Workshop Tools
Commons Summit AttendanceOne complimentary pass to join the thought-leaders shaping this emerging area at two member meetings a year.
Research & Resource CenterAccess to research reports, case studies, best practice guides, personal network leadership profiles and leadership lessons.
Network Analysis CourseDevelop capability to conduct ONA projects through quarterly “Network Analysis for Business Performance" virtual course.
Monthly WebinarsUnlimited access to monthly webinars and webinar library for you and your company’s employees.
Successful On-boarding CourseAccess to the Successful On-Boarding tool kit. Program is in pilot now for member release Fall of 2018NEW!
Personal Network of Successful Leaders CourseAccess to the Personal Network of Successful Leaders virtual course. Includes 5 sessions, 360 assessment and cohort activities.  Member participation at cost recovery.
Personal Network Assessment25 instances of the Personal Network Assessment with on-line reporting and peer coaching
Personal Network Card Deck25 sets of the Personal Networks of High Performers card decks and access to coaching and planning on-line tool.
Request/Offer Virtual Network Development ToolAccess to the Request/Offer Virtual Network Development Tool. Fall 2018 release.NEW!
Collaborative Overload Diagnostic25 instances the Collaborative Overload On-line Diagnostic for individual and team application.
Collaborative Overload Card Deck25 sets of the Reducing Collaborative Overload Card Decks used to help people identify means to reclaim 18-24% of collaborative time.
Driving Employee Engagement & Thriving Leadership Tool25 instances of the Driving Employee Engagement through Networks on-line diagnostic for individual and team application.NEW!
Driving Employee Engagement & Thriving Card Deck25 sets of the Driving Employee Engagement and Thriving through Networks leadership development card decks.
Agility at Point of Execution DiagnosticOne use of Agility at Point of Execution diagnostic. Targeted for completion in the Fall 2018.NEW!
Advanced ONA Tutorials, Macros and Data SetsAccess to a series of advanced network analysis tutorials (including us of R), macros to speed data analytics and practice data sets.

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